Origin8 Health & Wellness Reviews

Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced genuine and lasting results from Origin8 Health & Wellness.
“Dr. John Wendt is a talented holistic healer, very knowledgeable intuitive compassionate. He integrates lots of different modalities to serve your whole being - physical structural emotional spiritual energetic aspects of you and gets to the root cause of all imbalances. Every time I get a chance to see and work with him at NET trainings I feel more in alignment with myself, more empowered and integrated. He is a gem and a blessing in my life 🙏🏻💜”
“Dr John is the dr you want to see. He not only amazing at the physical issues and finding their root cause and treating them effectively and efficiently, he is also phenomenal at his holistic approach to the overall wellness, body, mind and spirit, of the person. I highly recommend him to everyone with an active issue or just wanting to improve the way they go about feeling in their everyday life.”
“Dr Wendt is a truly amazing doctor. He is an amazing adjuster as well deeply caring and gifted doctor. I always feel amazing after his treatment. I can't him recommend enough.”
“The amount of knowledge and awareness this specific practice has brought to my life is mind bending! There have been plenty of times I leave in amazement as the breakthroughs that happen are unreal! Origin8 Health & Wellness truly brings our human bodies to a place of how they should be functioning with balance instead of little fixes we were taught growing up. Thank you so much for everything!”
“Dr. John Wendt is a brilliant and talented healer. I was referred to Dr. Wendt for chiropractic care, and it was the most thorough and comprehensive treatment I have ever received. He has the remarkable ability to identify and treat the root cause of any ailment. His vast knowledge, and array of healing modalities, provides lasting relief and promotes long term wellness. Dr. Wendt brings positive energy, compassion and curiosity to his interactions with his patients. I would encourage anyone interested in improved health and vitality to contact Dr. Wendt.”
“Had an awesome experience being treated by Dr John Wendt! He really knows his stuff and applies it beautifully with such finesse! He gets to the core of the issue quickly. I started feeling better and less stressed in minutes!”