The Doctor


Journey to Houston
I’ve been a dedicated practitioner of holistic health since 2007. Beginning my career in Colorado having 2 practices for 12 years, I got married and moved to Houston to expand my reach.

As a young athlete I was injured in a diving accident causing debilitating pain, blurred vision, nausea, and headaches. A friends Mother worked for a chiropractor and got me an appointment right away. Dr. James Shaeffer came into his office on his day off to help me. Smelling of Chesapeake Bay crab having come from a family BBQ, he treated me and instantaneously I felt better. After a week of appointments and monthly follow ups I became a Chiropractic Advocate. After graduating from high school I was destined to become a Neurologist. A few years in college and understanding the scope of practice in Medicine, I decided to switch to Chiropractic Neurology. Additionally I spent years training in NET to become certified in the stress management technique. As a College wrestler I understood the need for proper nutrition. Since I have always studied optimal nutrition habits and functional health. Let’s get started Houston!