What’s Your Brain Score?

I believe that the brain is pivotal in health.

When I was 12 years old, my grandmother had been knocked down by a dog and fractured her hip, requiring her to have surgery, which led to a stroke, which then contributed to dementia and early-onset Alzheimer’s.

She lived for 10 years like this and in an ever-declining state, requiring my grandparents to move from their home to an assisted living environment.

This is very trying for the whole family, just to watch these very independent people become very dependent on others. And emotionally, it was just really hard to watch these people who I looked up to disintegrating right in front of my eyes.

I believe that the brain is pivotal in health. I’ve dedicated my life to looking at optimal functions of the brain and in doing so, I recognize that the nervous system application to the body is the way in which to treat it.

My name is John Wendt and I’m a chiropractor, a clinical neurologist, and a neuro-emotional technique practitioner.

I look forward to supporting you and yours in maintaining optimal brain health.