Doctor Of The Future

Sitting all day at work? Not getting the results at the gym? Yoga poses got you all twisted up? Too many weeds to pull? Stressed out and don’t know what to do

Regardless of your reasons, you are not alone. According to the CDC, there were 883 million adult physician visits in America for 2016. Whether you are just noticing this or its been going on for years, there is a solution.

Let’s first look at some basic anatomy of a single area of the body. Low back pain is associated with 31 million visits (about 28% of the total physician visits). The low back is made of 5 vertebrae, termed Lumbar, which actually represents the lower torso region, from the diaphragm to the sacrum.

The nerves in this area branch apart in the spine (Cauda Equina or horses tail) then exit the individual vertebrae as nerve roots. Once outside the spine they go their separate ways, with a majority of the nerves forming a plexus (collection of nerves) with muscle and sensation functions. As the plexus is formed the term sciatic nerve is introduced, running down the lower extremity.

Here’s a few more terms for foundation:

Biomechanics – study of the mechanics of movement in living organisms.

Kinesiology – study of mechanics of movement.

Reflex – response to stimulus without conscious thought.

Neurology – branch of biology which deals with anatomy, function and disorder or nerves.

Applied Kinesiology – The application of biomechanics, reflexes, and neurology.

Muscles move things and stabilize joints while movement occurs. These functions happen reflexively, and are regulated by sensory information. Chemically, your system needs healthy fats, protein, glucose, vitamins, and minerals to perform simple daily functions. Energetically you need time and energy to recover. As stress reduces the energy available for recovery, unconscious programs are draining your battery.

Signs of something WRONG or inappropriate function

  • Pain
  • Weakness
  • Soreness
  • Clicking/Popping
  • Tight/Stiff
  • Achy
  • Pulled muscle (Strain)
  • Ligament injury (Sprain)
  • Disc Bulge/Herniation
  • Headaches
  • High Blood Pressure

Do I have your attention yet?

Now, with your new look at a singular complaint; I bet you’re thinking about going to your doctors office, yoga class, training session, nutritionist, reiki master, shaman, bar tender, or neighbor.

Who is investigating your complaint in a way that takes into account your body’s specific dysfunction(s)?

Practitioners will look at your problem through the lens of their associated care centers; what experiences they have learned, heard of, witnessed, talked about, felt, or completely made up. Notably, what they have recently experienced will be their primary recommendation for recovery, or what they have always done. If we are suffering and don’t take the time to investigate or understand our problems, what kind of results can we expect? ANSWER: whatever results we get. In fact, we give up power, allowing a practitioner (who is often on auto pilot) to briefly touch base with us, and make recommendations for our dysfunction based on their previous experience.

**ALERT** all modalities/therapies work, the question is which one do YOU need.

Collectively we can move healthcare toward HEALTH! How and where you spend your money, digital currency, energy, resources will create the change you want.

The doctor of the future is currently in training. What kind of experience are you looking for from your future doctor?