Changing Lives

And all of a sudden my headache kind of dissipated, and my nauseousness went away.

When I was 15, I was at the pool with my friends and while jumping off the high dive, my head was raised a little bit. When I hit the water, I snapped my head and that terrible pain right here in my neck, blurred vision, couldn’t see straight terrible nauseousness.

I pulled myself up out of the water and laid on the side just feeling awful. I thought I was going to get sick. My friend’s mom came over and she said, are you feeling okay? And I said I think I need to go home. So I went home, took some Advil, put some ice on my head, and just felt like crap.

Couple of minutes later, I get a phone call from Dr. James Shaffer. My friend’s mom actually worked for him. And so she had called him to see if he can help.

And so I told him what was going on. He said, why did you come down to see me. So as he’s working on me, he makes a correction on my neck, and all of a sudden my headache kind of dissipates, my nauseousness went away and my vision came back online.

It was amazing and so he checked me out every single day that week to make sure that the problem wasn’t coming back and he adjusted me two more times out of the five days of the week.

And at the end of that, it made me realize that chiropractic can change lives.

And because of that one input, I switched careers from going to medical neurology to chiropractic neurology.

My name is John Wendt and I’m a chiropractor.