Doctor Of The Future

Sitting all day at work? Not getting the results at the gym? Yoga poses got you all twisted up? Too many weeds to pull? Stressed out and don’t know what to do

Regardless of your reasons, you are not alone. According to the CDC, there were 883 million adult physician visits in America for 2016. Whether you are just noticing this or its been going on for years, there is a solution.

Let’s first look at some basic anatomy of a single area of the body. Low back pain is associated with 31 million visits (about 28% of the total physician visits). The low back is made of 5 vertebrae, termed Lumbar, which actually represents the lower torso region, from the diaphragm to the sacrum.

The nerves in this area branch apart in the spine (Cauda Equina or horses tail) then exit the individual vertebrae as nerve roots. Once outside the spine they go their separate ways, with a majority of the nerves forming a plexus (collection of nerves) with muscle and sensation functions. As the plexus is formed the term sciatic nerve is introduced, running down the lower extremity.

Here’s a few more terms for foundation:

Biomechanics – study of the mechanics of movement in living organisms.

Kinesiology – study of mechanics of movement.

Reflex – response to stimulus without conscious thought.

Neurology – branch of biology which deals with anatomy, function and disorder or nerves.

Applied Kinesiology – The application of biomechanics, reflexes, and neurology.

Muscles move things and stabilize joints while movement occurs. These functions happen reflexively, and are regulated by sensory information. Chemically, your system needs healthy fats, protein, glucose, vitamins, and minerals to perform simple daily functions. Energetically you need time and energy to recover. As stress reduces the energy available for recovery, unconscious programs are draining your battery.

Signs of something WRONG or inappropriate function

Do I have your attention yet?

Now, with your new look at a singular complaint; I bet you’re thinking about going to your doctors office, yoga class, training session, nutritionist, reiki master, shaman, bar tender, or neighbor.

Who is investigating your complaint in a way that takes into account your body’s specific dysfunction(s)?

Practitioners will look at your problem through the lens of their associated care centers; what experiences they have learned, heard of, witnessed, talked about, felt, or completely made up. Notably, what they have recently experienced will be their primary recommendation for recovery, or what they have always done. If we are suffering and don’t take the time to investigate or understand our problems, what kind of results can we expect? ANSWER: whatever results we get. In fact, we give up power, allowing a practitioner (who is often on auto pilot) to briefly touch base with us, and make recommendations for our dysfunction based on their previous experience.

**ALERT** all modalities/therapies work, the question is which one do YOU need.

Collectively we can move healthcare toward HEALTH! How and where you spend your money, digital currency, energy, resources will create the change you want.

The doctor of the future is currently in training. What kind of experience are you looking for from your future doctor?

A F.A.S.T. Way To Deal With Stress

If you’re like me, then you’ve had your share of life’s ups and downs. Fortunately for me, and now you, I literally stumbled into NET (Neuro Emotional Technique).

While attending graduate school, a 3-year doctorate program with trimesters ranging from 23-27 credit hours, STRESSED is a nice way to put it.

While in my 8th trimester, I suddenly and without provocation, had lower back pain. I went to the best doctors my colleagues could recommend. Searched all modalities for a possible resolution to my debilitating pain. I tried therapies, massage, stretches, exercises, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, self-medicated with alcohol, and even took prescription medication. After nearly 3 months I almost gave up on the Chiropractic profession, nearly quitting school, and feeling broken. Luckily a friend and classmate, Dr. Clint Demaris had stopped me one day after noticing my lackluster energy.

After a couple of minutes of conversation, he asked me if I was open to trying NET. Desperate, I agreed but not really sure what my stress had to do with my back hurting. After a few prompts, defining statements, and probes for further information with somebody's awareness; I found myself tearing up and sweating. Collapsing time and space; I immediately remembered an event never previously thought about, and honestly not a memory I thought I had. My 5-year-old self couldn’t make sense of the situation, I felt scared and threatened. As a 26-year-old, soon-to-be doctor, I was unconsciously experiencing the same fear and threat of an uncertain outcome. Consciously not knowing how to make sense of it, my body attempted to remind me by setting off a pain alarm in my low back. After doing NET with Dr. Clint and safely experiencing this stress off my younger non developed brain, I had an enormous release of energy, heat, sweat, tears, and snot. I looked up at an astonished friend laughing, “I’ve never seen anything like that before” he said. My mind mirrored his astonishment and laughter. “What the heck do you mean, this is your thing?” I replied. He smiled and simply asked, “How does your back feel?” Amazingly, my pain had vanished just as mysteriously as it began. I started to bend and twist, uncertain of what I was feeling. I literally tried to cause myself pain as I couldn’t immediately accept my lower back pain was gone. Wandering around the campus for the next few days in a bit of a mental stupor, I woke up on Saturday wildly enthusiastic. I immediately signed up for the club and learned how to practice the art of NeuroEmotional Technique (NET).

Now For The F.A.S.T. Portion Of This Blog.

Ever notice how your spouse noisily moves about the house? Clanging, banging, and slamming everything! Chewing, wipe their nose, brush their teeth, or leave socks on the floor. How they don’t pick up after dinner, don’t express their desires, don’t look at you the same way. Co-workers gossip then walk away when you enter the room?

There is a wonderful book called Triggers written by Marshall Goldsmith. Life happens, and often times we fell victim to our circumstances. How do you know if you feel this way? Have you ever blamed something outside of yourselves for feeling some emotion? “That movie made me feel sad.” In actuality, sadness exists inside of you, and the move triggered that sadness. How well coped you are to the feeling of sadness will dictate your ability to process the sadness and move on with you life. The greater the conditioned pathway of sadness and current levels of stress (Physical, Chemical, Mental) the greater difficulty you will have in processing the feeling.

Loads of therapies exist in the world to help us lower our stress levels. In my opinion, all of these pale in comparison to NET. Nothing is faster or more efficient at pulling stress from the depths of our unconscious mind and putting them on the screen of our consciousness. Once we can witness the events and recognize the previously misunderstood feeling around an event or situation, we can consciously imprint a relaxation response and give ourselves clarity on how we would have preferred the situation had played out. We can make sense of the situation and train the brain to respond with loving compassion for ourselves and those involved in the event.

On my own, I can feel the physical response to stress and hold acupuncture pulse points on my wrist while placing my free hand on my forehead. The forehead has two vascular points associated with Frontal lobe circulation, which allow for inhibition to the limbic brain (stress, pain, depression, bipolar, anxiety). It's beautiful! Once in the position, I may think about the physical stress in my body or the feeling of mental stress from my environment. Three to five breaths, alternating left, and right wrist pulse points. The FAST technique neurologically inhibits stress response to the brain while simultaneously relaxing the physical body. Connecting the mind-body in a state of relaxation. The best part is the practice can take just 2-3 minutes. Not isolating yourself in a cave for 8 weeks to achieve enlightenment. Neuroplasticity is the end result of training your brain to deal with stress so in the future your naturally going to cope with stress more easily with greater compassion for yourself and your environment.

Comment below with your questions, or share a story about how NET has changed your perspective on stress.

Vital Breath

The world has gotten a little crazy these last 6 months. Here is the first in a brief series on oxygen to assist you in making the best decisions for your health. Considered one of the vitals to life, oxygen, like many body functions, is something we may take for granted until we are unable to do it well.

Did you know that 33% of ER visits admit patients with oxygen levels below 90%?

To most this may not mean much, however, the brain loses oxygen causing cell destruction and death below 88%. Take note that when we sleep our blood oxygen drops on average 6-8% points.  A BIG DEAL when it comes to recovery from the Stress of daily life, disrupted sleep, eventually leading to sleep apnea. Insufficient sleep is linked to:

 “Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a worldwide highly prevalent disease associated with systemic consequences, including excessive sleepiness, impairment of neurocognitive function, and daytime performance, including the driving ability. The long-term sequelae of OSA include an increased risk for cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and metabolic syndrome disorders that ultimately lead to premature death if untreated.” Read that quote again one more time. How many people do you know with these symptoms?

A slippery slope of ill health leading to dis-eased life.

The nervous system automatically regulates the volume of air brought into the body, also monitoring the concentration of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in the blood. The regulation is performed in the upper cervical spine extending down into the middle of the neck. Precisely why Chiropractic is vital to removing interference to the signals of proper body oxygenation, as well as mobilizing the rib cage and clavicles to increase lung volume.  At Origin8 Health & Wellness we utilize Pulse Oximetry to measure blood oxygen percentage before and after chiropractic adjustments.  We find that on average patients enter the clinic with 94-98% oxygen saturation, and leave with 97-99% oxygen.  Patients suffering from an illness or are under high amounts of stress typically have 90-95% oxygen upon arrival.   Let’s look at how chemistry, illness, and stress play a role in oxygen percentage.

Your body is amazing!  It utilizes chemical receptors in the blood, and stretch receptors in the vessels to monitor concentrations of O2 and CO2 reflexively.  In response, you automatically breathe more rapidly and deeper in order to refill the available oxygen, or off-gas the carbon dioxide. When we are under stress (exercise, mental, emotional, or shock), the nervous system constricts the blood vessels to increase blood pressure so we may respond to environmental demands. The airways in the upper chest and nasal passages begin to constrict (drying up mucus) limiting airflow. The diaphragm tightens, limiting lung expansion.  Stress causes cortisol to be released, regulating your immune system in a slower response over a longer duration.

Said another way, fast to get sick and slow to recover. The longer the duration of stress and limited oxygenation, the more the immune chemicals (interleukin and cytokines for you geeks) flood the bloodstream, altering gene expression.  Especially damaging for our sensitive friends who already have altered gene expression resulting in auto-immune conditions.

Quick sidebar on Epigenetics.  Check out someBruce Lipton Ph.D. Hydration is another key element to maintaining the fluidity of tissues in the body.  A general rule is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water. Additionally equal parts water for any juice, soda, alcohol, coffee, or tea to maintain hydration from the dehydrating effects of these substances.  Did you know you can hydrate your body, or dehydrate it, by the types of foods you eat? Highly processed dry goods, meats, even roasted vegetables can pull water from your tissues causing inflammation or water weight. Fresh fruits and vegetables, broths/soups, even lightly steamed veggies may donate additional water. Contact us for your individual health needs or for a referral.  Not all providers are equipped to create functional health assessments.  Having said that, basic nutrition for optimal oxygenation comes from electrolyte balance (we use Lyte Switch)

in order to keep tissue concentrations balanced and to maintain hydration.  Essential Fatty Acids or Omega 3 oils (EPA, DHA) promote a healthy barrier system, efficient transportation, and reduce inflammation within the body.  Individuals may need to support Lung, Kidney, Liver, Heart, and Blood sugar for optimal oxygenation. 

Be sure to get outside!  Daily walking has so many health benefits on top of improved oxygenation!

Studies found that during high altitude, low environmental oxygen, the body responds quickly to increase hemoglobin and heart rate to maintain optimal oxygen concentrations.  However, after returning to sea level, the sympathetic nervous system remained elevated for 4-6 months. Translated to our current public health recommendation we could be having prolonged impacts on our health for months following our mask mandates, especially if worn for longer durations of our day.  Improve functions like OxygenationMental ClarityExercise recovery athletic Personal RecordsRecovery from colds and plus stress reduction Support conditions like AsthmaCOPDCoughBronchitisEmpyhsemaLung CancerCystic FibrosisPneumoniaPleural Effusion If you have concerns a good place to start is with taking a Wellness Subjective evaluation.  Be honest with yourself over the past 3 months.  If you want to support in understanding the results, forward them to us atsupport@Mychiro.Clubhttps://Wellnesscheckonline.Com Resources:(1)J Physiol. 2003 Feb 1; 546(Pt 3): 921–929. Published online 2002 Nov 29. doi:10.1113/Jphysiol.2002.031765PMCID: PMC2342582 PMID:12563015(2) Matthijs Kox, Lucas T. van Eijk, Jelle Zwaag, Joanne van den Wildenberg, Fred C. G. J. Sweep, Johannes G. van der Hoeven, and Peter Pickkers PNAS May 20, 2014 111 (20) 7379-7384; first published May 5, 2014https://Doi.Org/10.1073/Pnas.1322174111(3)Front Immunol. 2017; 8: 324. Published online 2017 Mar 21. doi:10.3389/Fimmu.2017.00324PMCID: PMC5359232 PMID:28377771Knutson KL, Ryden AM, Mander VA, Van Cauter E. Role of sleep duration and quality in the risk and severity of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Arch Intern Med 2006;166:1768–1764.Kasasbeh E, Chi DS, Krishnaswamy G. Inflammatory aspects of sleep apnea and their cardiovascular consequences. South Med J 2006;99:58–67.Taheri S. The link between short sleep duration and obesity: We should recommend more sleep to prevent obesity. Arch Dis Child 2006;91:881–884.Zimmerman M, McGlinchey JB, Young D, Chelminski I. Diagnosing major depressive disorder I: A psychometric evaluation of the DSM-IV symptom criteria. J Nerv Ment Dis 2006;194:158–163. Schwartz DJ, Kohler WC, Karatinos G. Symptoms of depression in individuals with obstructive sleep apnea may be amenable to treatment with continuous positive airway pressure. Chest2005;128:1304–1306.Newman AB, Nieto FJ, Guidry U, Lind BK, Redline S, Pickering TG, et al. Sleep Heart Health Study Research Group Relation of sleep-disordered breathing to cardiovascular disease risk factors: The Sleep Heart Health Study. Am J Epidemiol. 2001;154:50–9.Nadeem R, Singh M, Nida M, Kwon S, Sajid H, Witkowski J, et al. Effect of obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome on lipid profile: a meta-regression analysis. J Clin Sleep Med. 2014;10:10475-89

Quarantine Reflections

One Om gave me permission to experience the metaphysical, my mind, and the physical, my body, together as One. They hold space for me to investigate my preconceived notions of the world. Through applications of love, food, music, and curiosity to draw out misnomers and implant greater intellectual values and compassion.

This is just one experience: I Pull up to Cheshire lane, I am greeted by a Princess, nuzzling love into my leg as I open the door. Inside Mothering love welcomes me in, I see you Peach the mirror for needing connection warmth, and safety. Kai a soft reflective majestic energy, setting boundaries of introversion. I see your strength!

I turn the corner to see the matriarch Anne, standing in the window, soft beautiful, She welcomes me in and asked how I'm doing? I reply “awesome!” And I ask, “how should I be feeling”? She replies “AWESOME” and we embrace. She directs me to follow the chanting to find Bryan. I break out into Beastie boys rhymes from The Scenario calling in the esoteric environment. Walk into the room calm and quiet, laughing at the play on words.

What a funny concept, a play on words, not quite reality, an inferred cosmic joke.

We sit and Bryan asks how my book is coming. I speak of the clarity of the booking flow from the evolution of how we currently know and experience the world. Each chapter investigates concepts about the hierarchy of needs, safety, money, love, consumerism, health, disease, new concepts, and choice. The reader may experience homeostasis from which to review previous belief constructs from the depths of the unconscious mind and environment. A call for our elevated intellectual self to drive down waste and expenditures of our current health care model, and not our previously emotionally conditioned self consumerism. A community in the end creates a collaboration effort to support the health needs of the individual and the masses.

In reflection the reader will enter the individualized state being rooted in love, moving out of the individual ego identity back into the community. Understanding innovative ideas for collaboration and support. Much like the idea of my friends to invest in a previously envisioned future, to mutually create a fun place to connect. Potentially providing additional income vs expense to reconnect. Families collaborate to make the vision thrive.

 We sat in the revelry of the joy created in Bryan witnessing my clarity of cause. We stare at each other honoring the vision and experiencing its “realness” with all our collective senses. He asks me what my intention is then for the day. I respond with gratitude for the pleasantness of having an extra day since I thought it was Saturday. Gratitude, thanks, and appreciation for the opportunity.

I reflect on my wife’s history, having felt and experienced isolation as a child in her room. I feel my own isolation today with quarantine, popping up vivid memories of my youth, alone in my room. I spoke of my 10-year-old self and Bryan pressed on meditating on that age as I had mentioned it several times. I remembered as a child getting off the school bus feeling this overwhelming heaviness as I made my walk home. A slow pace, looking at my hands and arms, feeling my head and my heart swollen and full with intense pressure and weightiness. I walk into my house to find my mother and sister crying in the living room, looking at a small golden heart and hugging. I remember feeling scared, and confused, witnessing crying and grief.

I was sent to my room with my feelings of heaviness. I remember thinking about how I made my way home, and confusion and fear as I witnessed. Unknown emotions from 2 women I love, ultimately to be “made” to isolate. Later I found out my sister had a miscarriage.

I mirror my wife’s feelings, grief, fear, and confusion fill me. Tears flow from my eyes as I think about my 16-year-old self, being thrust into a football game (outside linebacker). The first play is a sweep option, I recognize it immediately, take on the pulling guard, shed the fullback, and stop the quarterback for a loss. The hit was so great I blacked out to a vision of my grandfather smiling at me. I come to, pained, confused, as my coach stops me from coming off the field to celebrate with extreme enthusiasm. I feel fear, confusion, and heavy. After the game I found out, my grandfather had passed.

Several months ago my other grandfather passed and my sense of grief, although present, was distant. Confused, fearful of the impact on my family, mostly unsure of how I felt. Yesterday while conversing with my wife and neighbors, we were talking about riding horses bareback. My mind currently drifts to my 4-year-old self playing horsy on my grandfather's back. A stoic man, who likes to drink and say smart-ass remarks. I grieve that boy who had a connection with my temporary centaur. Tears stream down my face. Bryans strums on his guitar as we silently process the grief, fear, and confusion.

I come back to the present moment. The connections of this new consciousness come from a book that I'm reading which made me watch a movie (The Big Chill), that I rented with my wife. Which I reflected on high school friendships and the development of personalities. Separated by adult life to be brought together through death. Concerns over our investment to ask my friends for support in creating something we dreamed about as teenagers. The book was referred by a connection I had been working with for several months, whom I met at a Manifestation circle that Bryan and Anne created. I met OneOm through my wife, who expanded her search for love on a dating app to find me. To move to Colorado encouraged me to step away from a job that I felt I learned as much as I could. To move to Houston and have the above experience and revelation. I'm honored by the strength of her energy.

The condensed understanding is that the emotional body gets inhibited by the perceived trauma or misunderstood feelings. I honor that part of me that intuitively knew I was walking into a heavy situation as a 10-year-old, at 16 my grandfather had passed, and at 37 my grandfather was not going to survive his recent injuries.

The fear I currently feel is from judgment about my book. I may be looked at as a lesser physician or expert as a Chiropractor, and not considered a medical scientist. I think about all the times I felt something but could not find the words to describe my feelings or ask for help. Permission is key to the emotional freedoms we express. I read the book War of Art which gave me permission to feel fear about marking my mark on the world, and that is typically felt by the very person who ultimately launches themselves into the light. It's safe in here. It's scary “out there”. I can isolate and play safe or I can extricate myself from unconscious inhibitions and live courageously.

Currently with Covoid-19 being isolated and stuck in our “room”. How are you freeing yourself?

My Rogers is quoted as saying “to die is to be human, anything human is mentionable, and anything mentionable is manageable“.

Being human gave me permission to talk about my feelings, specifically my feelings of grief, confusion, and fear. Loving mother energy of peach, independent introversion of kai, bold command of attention of a Princess. To the loving arms of Bryan and Anne Bartell.

Thank you for being a mirror, Bryan, and Anne for creating a community like OneOm! #Oneomniverse

If you are moved by the story, please consider seeking out therapies to bridge the gap from your unconscious behaviors.

Passive modalities include but are not limited to:



Physical Therapy



Aging: Part 1 Wear And Tear

We all get older, and unfortunately, we pass on from this life. My question to you: How are you adapting to your living experience?

Let’s dive into beliefs, truths, and myths of aging.

Wear and Tear: considered to be normal aging of something with everyday use.

Normal: defined as the usual, average, or typical state or condition.

To use an analogy; a baseball pitcher is exposed to years of throwing a ball usually with great effort, or with different angles and twists of their arm. It may be typical for pitchers to have degenerative changes to the shoulder due to overuse, especially as they continue into a professional setting. Consider players who do not have problems with overuse, generally chalked up to genetics, or idiopathic (we don’t know). Over the last 40 years, there has been significant research into prolonging the health and investment of professional athletes. Research on athletic performance has proven rest and recovery therapies to aid in longevity.

In the above example, it's known that the more extreme the biomechanics (bones, muscle, and joints involved in the movement of the body) the faster derangement of the tissue. My father used to say, “if there are more moving parts there is a greater risk for something breaking.” Translate this example into the average life of a person. Ask: What have been my repetitive movements and postures over years? How much rest or therapies have I applied toward my activity? What is the quality of my rest

In reflection of this analogy and application to your life, what is the expectation or prediction of health outcomes? Medically we call this prognosis (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor).

A quick reference to the numbers.11-13 pitchers per team, 30 teams, 340 surgeries 2000-2018,55% success, with 2018 showing 650 pitchers drafted.

As a practitioner, we want to satisfy the patient by having a solution. To say its wear and tear typically is enough for a person to accept the diagnosis. Allowing the person to move on with an understanding of why their problem exists. What happens next is where the philosophy of science clashes.


– Medical model the solution is to take pain medication, muscle relaxers, cortisone injections, platelet therapy, stem cell injections, or surgical correction.

– Physical Therapy will attempt to break up muscle adhesion, with stretching, dry needling (a concept from Acupuncture), ultrasound, electric stimulation, ice heat, and strength training for stability.

– Chiropractic will refer to the correlating spinal segment and mobilize the vertebrae. Hiltons law states that nerves that go to certain joints also affect the muscles around the joint and the local skin.

-Applied Kinesiology will use neurology principles to check the reflexes found within the muscle, and the dynamic functions of movement within the joint.

– Chinese Medicine correlates organ systems to the associated muscles of the body.

– Neurology looks at the bi-directional conductance of the nerve energy between the brain to the joint.

– Biochemistry looks at the availability of fuel within the system as well as the efficiency of the body to eliminate waste.

– Psychology will investigate how the patient feels about the problem and look for a historical pattern within stored memory.

– Occupational therapists and ergonomic specialists will loo for repetitive patterns and implement strategies to minimize Stress in the area of complaint.

Every patient will see different results based on their particular needs. However, as a patient, how do I know which is the correct therapy. Can I trust my doctor to investigate my problem with an open mind? Will they give me direction as to the best tool for recovery based on my presentation?

Origin8 Health & Wellness will help you get to the bottom of your health concerns. If we are not the solution we will get you where you need to be.

Stay tuned for my series on aging. The next blog will be about how aging occurs within the body.

Is CBD The New Acai?

Laughing on a warm summer morning after a yoga class in June 2017, we reflect on how exhausting our Hot Power Fusion class had been. I gazed at my girlfriend as she stopped, awestruck at the neighboring Juice Village. A new local superfood store with Acai bowls, delightful smoothies and blended detox juices. She squeaked and bounced through the door. I recall feeling unprepared as I had only a $20 in my yoga bag. It would not be enough.
Flash forward that same store today and what do you find? Thats right, CBD, in every imaginable form.

Am I anti-CBD?

No, it has its purpose.

Then what am I saying?

Food is vital, when it is fresh and organic. The longer a food is away from source, the more it decays, rotting back into source nutrients. If I am privileged enough to understand how to nurture plants to grow and develop into their fulfilled state, then I am able to maximize life vitality by eating fresh from the garden. Have you eaten food fresh from a garden? Please comment about your experience of the texture and flavor. Mention, if you recall, how you felt an hour later. That evening, and the next day.

In my book, Healing to Failure, coming 2021, I research how food preparation has changed over the centuries. Shockingly, or depressingly, processed food has paralleled disease. Even though this trend is measurable, and graphed over time, we culturally still yearn for some miracle food from a far off land that will fix our problems. Have we evolved from the snake oil, magic balm, cocaine activated, opiate suppressed choices of our ancestors?

As a practitioner of holistic medicine I feel that in order for ONE to heal, there must be mutual effort. The Doctor knows the constitution of the body, and the Patient is their own record keeper. The Doctor maintains a firm grip of personal philosophy in each realm; Metaphysics, Epistemology, Aesthetics, Logic, Political, and Ethics. The Patient practicing conscious living, self-acceptance, self-responsibility, self-assertiveness, living purposefully, and with personal integrity (Nathanial Brandon “The Six Pillars of Self Esteem”). Without clarity on either side of the relationship, the expectation for long term recovery and health should be eliminated. If the two may reach an agreement of the expectation, then proceeding down the rabbit hole in search of the root is possible.

To keep it simple. Life can have supportive stress, or destructive stress. A: Physical freedom of movement, reduce toxic environment, enhance nutritional vitality, extinguish limiting beliefs and automatic negative thoughts. B: Restriction of physical movement (masks/quarantine), enhanced toxic environment (indoor air quality often 2-5xs more toxic than outdoor air), lowered nutritional vitality (store bought, long shelf life processed food), enhanced confusion/uncertainty/anger/fear (mainstream media, loss of job, loss of freedom, misinformation).
Do you know which one is supportive and which one is destructive?

To bring us back from the depths of our thinking mind and into our day, I challenge you. How many Acai bowls do I have to eat to overcome my current life situation?
How much CBD must I ingest, slather on my skin, or soak in a tub to heal? Love you! Stay healthy!

Comment below, would love to hear your feedback.

Houston Graphically Release 2020

As we move into 2021, we may be confronted with a reality that nothing changed. An arbitrary moment in time to give us repose from the accelerated experience of holidays, family, friends, and travel.  Or rather, continued isolation and political unrest.

Too often we may fall into the next day, a snowball accumulating momentum from our past. 
Mentally conditioned to be aroused and attentive to negatively oriented media. Our minds are inclined to interpret the previous snowball as rolling downhill.  An accumulation of stress begins to overwhelm us. These feelings will beget negative habits and behaviors in an attempt to offset the dis-ease by stimulating comfort or pleasure. Processed foods, sugar, pre-workout, deficient calories, stimulants, fat burners, alcohol, drugs, sex, and exercise. Contributing to the vicious downward spiral of stress. These unchallenged behaviors will ultimately lead us away from our goals and toward illness.

However, there is a mirrored feeling, one which accumulates positive feelings to move us toward desired outcomes.  Each day as one small step is made in a positive direction we become energized by our progression over time. If we are not knocked off our course beyond reconciliable correction, we may just make it to our end goal

For the linear-minded, the best way to make decisions about these choices is to experience in order to gain perspective. Make pros and cons list each day of the events that occur and see how you feel about them. Perceived good and bad. Tally up the amount of -/+ and plot each day with the appropriate value.

On the X-axis or horizontal line make each mark represent a day. On the Y-axis or vertical line, make positive marks going above the x-axis, and negative going below the line. Each mark is a value of 1. Example: 8 positive feeling experiences, but 11 negatives. Therefore -3 would be plotted on day one. Day Two saw 9 positive feeling experiences, with 3 negatives, resulting in +6. Continue to plot out each day with how the day's events had gone. In a matter of weeks, you will begin to express your overall outlook.

Check out Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman

As you begin to see the feelings you have over the course of time, now ask yourself if there is a pattern. What brings the positive, what brings the negative? In my 13+ year career, I have seen all kinds of patterns, and unfortunately, if we are honest with ourselves, there are more negative feelings than we are willing to admit. THAT IS OK! Take a breath, this too shall pass. Now we are aware. As long as we are UNAWARE we are UNABLE to change.

Awareness allows change!

It is common for people to see their environment and want to say, “oh, the negative feeling comes from my job, I need to find another job”. Sometimes it’s “my boss is a jerk”. These feelings may be accurate. I am not here to say how you feel about your environment is accurate or not. What I am wanting to share is how we are being triggered about it may cause us negative feelings and ill health. Very often these feelings stem from our past, not related to our current boss or work environment. Instead, they are only triggering us to have a positive or negative experience. One time I cleared a person on relationships and the next day they met their spouse. Each of them had been at the same gym for years, the trigger had inhibited them from actually seeing one another. How often are you missing out on opportunities due to your previous stressful events?

We have all met someone and instantly we recognize we do or do not like them. That is because our unconscious memory pulled up a correlated feeling to go along with their mustache, purple hair, or brown shirt.

What if there was a way to reduce your triggers in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way? Would you be interested?

Better Knot

Simply put, calcium contracts muscles and magnesium relaxes them. When our mineral balance is out of whack, we can develop criques, tweaks, wonkiness, and pissed-off muscles.

Most of us lead a life of fast-paced, on the go, or moderate to majorly stressed ways of living; caffeine to get us up, keep us going, a quick bite at lunch, and alcoholic drink(s) to calm us down after a long day.

There is no judgment about whether you do or do not live this way. One thing we can agree on, if you have symptoms (knots, tight stiff muscles, headaches, pain) then you are not recovering from your day-to-day life. A muscle knot is trying to tell you this exact fact.

Additionally, if water is not available in the body to move minerals, blood, and oxygen into the muscle cells then they are unable to repair.

If there is no water flowing then the muscle cells are unable to get lactic acid, and other metabolic waste out; creating a cell full of garbage with no room to move.

I find that when people receive massage or stretch and it is painful to them, it indicates water is not available to the muscle.

General rule: 1/2 body weight in pounds, drink this number in ounces. Add 8 ounces of water for every sugar drink (8 oz juice, soda, even pre-made sports drinks), alcoholic drink, or 8 oz caffeinated beverage (yes even tea).

Example: 180-pound person = 90 ounces of water (nearly 3/4 gallon). With a venti (20 oz) coffee in the morning, medium soda for lunch (24 oz), 2 glasses of wine after dinner (16 oz), now this person is at 150 ounces of water or 1.2 gallons of water in one day. Do you think you pee a lot already?

Now that you’re officially depressed, there is hope. I find tracking to be a fantastic tool for making changes. If you are on life autopilot, then tracking is a good way to see what it is you are doing. At first, do nothing differently, just track everything. I find it’s best to do this periodically during the day, ***use your notepad on your phone, and set a reminder (3-4xs/day) to make some observations.

Stay tuned: there is more to this story. One blog a day keeps your knots away!

Drops of Water

Celery Juice Houston?

Have you enjoyed fresh celery juice first thing in the morning?

Yes? Awesome…

If you haven’t you’re in for a refreshing surprise! Touted as a cure all for inflammation and digestion, it falls short of a miracle. It does however, boost stomach acid improving the total pH of your digestive tract; stress being a major inhibitor of proper chemistry as it leads to systemic inflammation and poor digestive motility. Celery has 3-n-butylphthalide (BuPh) a compound researched to lower “bad” LDL cholesterol. With high amounts of polyacetylene, it balances the orthomolecular pressure across the tissue barrier of the joints leading to decreased inflammation and pain associated with Gout and Arthritis. Translated to the rest of the body, fluids carry nutrition, oxygen, and waste more easily throughout the entire system. Apigenin anyone? This vital nutrient packs a punch aimed at cancer cells. Maybe you’ve failed to become Insta-famous, then celery’s luteolin is what you want. Protect your baby’s soft skin from those dangerous UV rays, no titanium dioxide needed!

– It may taste funny to your over sensitized taste buds. With a diet consisting of processed foods and sweeteners we can become over stimulated to raw organic fruits and vegetables. Vital to do breaks from SAD diet (Standard American Diet) with a detoxification program, caloric fasting or juice cleanse.

– Your stomach may want to purge the celery juice (Nausea/Vomiting). Nausea and vomiting are often related to decreased Vagal Tone. Your Vagus Nerve is your rest digest and heal gauge. If you are having chronic stomach problems this may be your underlying dysfunction.

– Your colon may want to clear a path for its elimination (diarrhea). Often the celery salts will have a diuretic effect on the body, especially if there is systemic inflammation. As you clear the “water weight” this usually reduces over time. Additional microbial imbalances in the digestive tract could cause longer duration of lose stools.

Stick with it, it may just change you.

With love Dr. John

“Chemistry is, well technically, chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change” ~Walter White

I Must Have Slept Funny

Today we highlight the Home Run Formula for optimal health, focusing on structural integrity. Chiropractors have been screaming from the hilltops for over a century that Subluxation is a primary cause of dis-ease.

Most people can’t even say the word, let alone understand when they need to address it. Patients describe an awareness of “needing” an adjustment from a chiropractor when they experience the following.

These are all things I have had patients tell me they’ve seen improvement from with the care we provide. My previous practice was called Life Wellness Center because when you are sublimated your whole life can be thrown off.

We lead such busy lives and look for simple solutions we can implement without much disruption to our behaviors. A positive takeaway from our Covid-19 pandemic is that it disrupted our way of living. It made us stop and think about washing our hands. When we are sick we may want to stay home instead of pushing ourselves to go into the office. Taking a day to stay home or be with our children while they are home from school is not going to be the end of our careers. Now is the time to rebuild our foundation. Take inventory of the experience we are living and implement behaviors that can and will lead us to our desired life experience.

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